Diets That Work: Get Out of the Dieting Circle and Finally Choose the Right Diets That Work For You


You have been bombarded lately by so many ads online or in TV trying to suggest the only diets that work for you. Yet, none of these guaranteed weight loss plans did not produce any result or you have lost couple pounds, but not for long.

Now you sitting back behind your computer trying to look for another fad diets that will give you the answer you’ve been searching for: What are the diets that work?
To be very honest with you is that the diets that are promoted are all garbage. Yes. Garbage. None of those fad diet do not work. I guess it might start making sense to you why you could not lose weight. Also you should know that all those diets are the cause of you Yo-Yo Dieting, losing fat and gaining more in couple of weeks, being cranky and stressful etc.
As hard as it is to believe diets are nothing else that the way you eat! So id you are going to McDonnald every day, you are probably on McBurger diet. If you go to your nearest Pizza shop, you are on a pizza diet. Those are not diets that will help you to lose fat and reveal your six-pack. I promise you that.
Then you have diets that have all components and food groups like chicken, beans and rice. Or sweet potato with broccoli and char-coal grilled chicken breast.
What these diets contain is protein (needed to build muscles), carbohydrates (needed to feed your brain and give you source of energy) and vegetables (filled with nutrients, minerals and fiber to feed every cell of your body and help you digest better).
And at last you have the above mentioned diets that scream at you when watching TV, listening the radio or browsing online search engines. Most of them will make you lose weight, but it won’t be fat loss but major muscle loss. You really can’t afford to lose muscles. Because what you will gain back will be more fat and more fat. You will completely change your body composition and that is what will make it much harder to lose fat in the future.
So stop chasing those diets that will remove either proteins, carbs or fibers out of your diet. Your perfect diets that work for you should have all food groups and therefore basic building blocks for for body. Nothing more, nothing less.
So how do you find diets that work?
Simply these diets should not tell you to eat less and starve yourselves. They should not tell you to eat less carbs, no protein, no vegetables. They can’t drastically lower your daily calorie intake and they should not sell you on some miracle pills and do nothing.
Only you can choose what diet is best for you. You just need to get more educated about foods, exercise and stress reduction. Remember, your diet is the one you feel fantastic about. No chores or drudgery there. Then you know that you have found diets that work for you.

Brett Slansky is a personal fitness and nutrition consultant, and maintains a website about diets that work and how can you finally build your own diet that work for you.